Press Release! Rock Avenue Records USA

The Petal Falls, would like to announce exciting times ahead signing to (Rock Avenue Records USA) and “Coming to The Orchard near you”, Sony is the parent company.
(Artist Quote)
The Petal Falls has signed a new major distribution worldwide deal with USA label Rock Avenue Records USA & they will soon be promoting & releasing (The Petal Falls) music through The Orchard major distribution.

The debut Album release will be titled “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” consisting of 10 classic rock tracks and will finally unleash The Petal Falls music on an unsuspecting public.
BEWARE HEALTH RISK – listening to this incredible album may render the listener unable to listen to anything else quite possibly for many months!
(Label quote)
(Rock Avenue Records USA) is proud to bring another top artist to the label. Continuing to bring the top artists to the public is a standard to our label. Giving artists the platform they need to get the great music they make out to the public. Finding (The Petal Falls) was sheer excitement for the label.
The music hits home with the great sounds from past great artists we all grew up listening to.
Charm and quality is what this artist brings to the public to enjoy.
Please help us welcome them to the label.
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