Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day

After the culmination of many months of work the fantastic first Album by TPF is finally here.
Appropriately titled “Workin All Night Workin All Day” this first album has been a very long time coming and taken a lot of hard work to complete but it has been mastered to showcase the unique style and appeal that The Petal Falls music genuinely has for many people.
The impact, depth and variety of TPF’s music will now finally get a chance to shine and gain the following their music richly deserves.
The album contains some stunning songs including the album title track.
You can purchase the album at all online stores.


Workin’ All Night, Workin’ All Day  
Album review by; Nick

I really took an interest in this band after playing one of their songs on the radio and when I finally got the chance to do a review on the album I jumped at the opportunity.
The Petal Falls are a fine collective of musicians spearheaded by frontman Keith Leahy forming in Kent in the late 90s.
They bring something different to the table and provide a wide range of musical styles and influences.
It is always nice to hear a band who are hard to categorise because you really must go in with an open mind and it is always tougher to draw comparisons to other artists.  

The album kicks off with A Man in Chains, from the off the band take you on a musical journey and you get lost in the pure beauty and colourful music that they provide. 
Keith Leahy’s vocals are unique in style, but this makes him an incredibly talented singer who can channel his voice to how it suits his style and providing a pitch perfect performance because of his skills.
The musicianship is also glorious, there is such a big production and feel to this album that makes it hard to sound like a debut.  

Love in Motion is the next song, and it brings a summer feel to the atmosphere of the record.
A beautifully crafted melodic song with plenty of pop hooks, it’s very Keyboard dominated but you can hear that the guitars in the song compliment the keyboards and fill the gaps with various colours and textures which bring in the hooks pleasantly.  

I Was Amazed continues the melodic craft of the album on giving the listener a warm feel.
It is a beautiful melodic ballad which reminds me in times of late 80s era bands such as FM and Strangeways.
The song really continues the chilled out feel of this record and this track especially has a lovely slow groove, perfect to dance to. 
All Across the World continues with a driving theme, again the influences are there, I can hear bits of 80s era Roxy Music in this one, another band who also were hard to categorise, so with this realisation I understood the music a little more and embraced the diverse styles, something which is what I feel will make this album one of the highlights of the year.  

Halfway through the album and I get lost in the music and forget what is around, the next song Rain for me is the highlight of the album and has everything I want to hear in a Petal Falls. 
The song is anthemic, a catchy singalong chorus which I found myself singing along to even though I was not familiar with the lyrics, it grabs you in and does not let go. Such a beautiful song with an elegant 80s AOR sound. The next song Have a Little Faith continues with the driving melody and engrossing lyrics, one of those songs where you need to put on a set of headphones and take in the story. I get the feeling a lot of their songs are like short stories and it really shows the intelligence and craft of Leahy’s song writing.  

The title track is the perfect track to represent this album, again more stories to tell from Leahy’s lyrics and a song where I feel would be an absolute radio hit.
It is friendly and I can hear elements of Deacon Blue and Steve Hogarth era Marillion.
Going back to Keith Leahy’s voice an unusual comparison I would like to bring up also is Phil Mogg from hard rock band UFO.
I feel he has a low raspy storytelling voice in the same context.

Then we have beautiful ballad Mariah, another one of my favourites on the album. It’s a love song told from the songwriter’s point of view speaking to the lady he loves in a sense of how much he loves her and is sorry for the things he has done.
This song also has my favourite guitar solo on the album, with amazing, lush guitar licks which would not sound out of place on a blues song.
The storytelling is again prominent on this song and really keeps the listener interested in what the protagonist has to say.  
Givin’ It Up another memorable song with pop hooks.
The penultimate song on this album and it really sets the close of the album pleasantly.  

Colours is the final song on the album, and again another favourite of mine, it bookends the album nicely with the opening track, letting you know the musical journey is ending and hopes you join them again on another one soon.
If I could describe this album with one phrase it would be a road trip and a lovely escape from all the doom and gloom in this world in 2020.  

Album Rating 5/5  

The long awaited music from The Petal Falls has now been released to the surprise and delight of its fans. 2 years of hard work in post production that now sees the light. 
The Petal Falls’ unique music and style is the result of a lifetime of growing musical influences. in a sound that is difficult to pigeonhole but is always vibrant, interesting, powerful, and surprising in both scope and execution.

The first album entitled “Workin ‘All Night Workin’ All Day” showcases all the typical characteristics of The Petal Falls with powerful lyrics fused with huge catchy choruses and a lush, full production. 
Released through Rock Avenue Records and distributed by The Orchard , this album is now available in all online stores.

Keith Leahy, singer and songwriter, shows breadth and depth of range in his voice, with lyrics with a great message and a great production that make this something unique and very original. 
“A Man in Chains” , “Colours” or “Mariah” They immerse you in the world of this band and you can hear various influences on each track, but the sound of The Petal Falls is unique and warmly familiar at the same time taking you back to different decades with their sound. 
Influences from Roxy Music, Bruce Springsteen and the like.

There are still original bands making such high quality music. 
Stylish variety of sound, but captivating. 
A fantastic debut that you can see for yourself below.

Rock Avenue Records [Release date 31.07.20]
This is my new favourite album of 2020, by UK band, The Petal Falls “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” and if the impressive production is anything to go by, this band most certainly has been – what a debut album!
Keith Leahy, singer & songwriter, demonstrates breadth and depth of range to his vocals, with powerful lyrics and big band production making this my album find of the year.
From the opening track, “A Man in Chains”, you’re drawn into this band’s world and you can hear various influences in each track, but the Petal Falls sound is both unique and warmly familiar at the same time.
I jotted down various influences that I could hear from 80’s Roxy Music, Big Country, The Killers, Bruce Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem …. they are so varied and every track was punching above its weight.
Personal favourites the title track “Workin’ All Night, Workin’ All Day”, “Have a Little Faith” and “Colours” but it was hard to choose as the whole album is superb.
How refreshing in Lockdown to see a band making such high quality music – I can’t pigeonhole the sound but I love it. This is simply a fantastic debut….apparently 2 years in the making, and it was worth the wait. I really hope the next album lives up to the expectations set by this one! ****
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‘Workin’ All Night, Workin’ All Day’ (album)
The Petal Falls
Genre: Rock/Pop
Location: UK
The Petal Falls have spent two years putting together this album: ‘Workin’ All Night, Workin’ All Day.’
The opening track ‘A Man in Chains,’ presents lively guitar links, a great vocal line and driving drum riffs through each verse; with each leading to a memorable and catchy chorus ably supported by rich backing vocal harmonies.
Other tracks – ‘All Across the World’ and the title track – carry on in a similar vein, with lead singer and song writer Keith Leahy’s accomplished vocals ably supported by a good guitar and synth section; driven forward by some excellent bass and drums.
‘Love in Motion’ offers the listen a more poignant break from other driving Rock tracks with a softer, more melancholy, verse melody, a catchy chorus and memorable guitar and synth link passages. The mood of this track is carried on in ‘Rain’ – a song with more than a passing throwback to an era of the big ballads of classic rock.
A favourite track was ‘I was amazed’ if for no other reason than its retro ‘80’s’ feel takes the listener back to days that should be too long ago to remember.
Whilst much of this album is really a homage to Classic Rock of another era, the songs are vibrant and fresh, the lyrics well crafted and poignant and, if the listener is looking for some good tunes well sung in a framework of well crafted music, then ‘Workin’ All Night, Workin’ All Day’ could well be worth a listen.
The album is released through Rock Avenue Records and distributed by The Orchard through all good online stores.
Mister Steve
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