I am extremely pleased to announce that The Petal Falls debut album “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day” is now available to buy as a CD album from Monday 1st February from Edithouse as a Disc On Demand product.
The price will be £11.90 + postage and will include a four-page full-colour booklet and full-colour CD in a clear full-sized Jewel case.
I have had endless requests to provide the music in a CD format so that people can buy a physical version of the album, so here it is and I hope you all buy it by the bucketload!
The best way to support any independent musician is to buy their music either as a CD or a download because we earn nothing from streaming and so I sincerely hope that you all go and buy the album in extravagant abundance.

Many, many thanks for supporting “The Petal Falls” music and enjoy!!


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