Powerplay Magazine issue 256

‘Everything About You’
AOR/Melodic Rock

The Petal Falls are back with a third album in as many years and just like the previous two, it’s superb.
The sad back-story is we should have been enjoying these albums since the 90s, that’s when they were supposed to come out but they got lost in record company foul-ups.
Band founder and lead vocalist/guitarist Keith Leahy is now getting this class material out for a growing appreciative audience.
This is an album that impresses immediately and grows quickly on you with every listen.
It opens with the bright, positive good-time feel of ‘Somebody To Love Me’ which is a classy song that showcases Leahy’s warm commanding vocals.
The Gift’ reminds me very much of UFO at their most catchy and melodic.
Track three ‘The Sun In Her Eyes’ somehow finds a new level of excellence with one of the catchiest sing-along choruses of this or any year.
It just is effortlessly (and I know it wasn’t) brilliant.
The title track bigs everything up to ten for the poignant happy lyrics about sharing life’s adventure with the one you love, and yet again the chorus is enormous.
Put this band on at a festival and they going to have the audience eating out of their hands in no time.
You could rave about every track here, there is not one filler and the band is stunning.
This is one of the albums of the year for sure and I hope other magazines take full note of The Petal Falls.
Why aren’t this band on a major label? Crazy.

Powerpoints 10/10
Chris Sutton